How To Make Money With Your Car Without Driving

March 18, 2018

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How To Make Money With Your Car Without Driving:

Owning a car is notoriously expensive, but did you know you can actually make money with your car? Turo (formerly RelayRides) bills themselves as the Airbnb for cars is a service that allows you to rent out your car for cash!

That’s right, when you’re not using your vehicle, you can rent it out to other Turo members. It’s estimated the average owner makes an additional $540 a month letting others use their car, but that depends on how often you make it available.

Alternatively, if you need a vehicle when you’re on vacation, Turo is a good and often cheaper alternative to your traditional car rental company. Read below for my Turo review.

Founded in 2009, Turo is a car rental marketplace where you can rent any car you want, wherever you want it, and when you want it. Owners of the cars can earn extra money when they’re not using their car which can then be used for anything they want. Let’s look at some of Turo’s main features.



  • Available in 3500+ Cities
  • Pick up at 300+ airports
  • More than 800 makes and models of cars available
  • $2 million insurance policy for users

Turo has seen rapid growth in the last few years. Originally it was available just in the U.S. but it’s now expanded to Canada, and the U.K. The appeal of the service should be obvious, rent out your car to make some extra money, or rent a car to save money.


Some people may find it weird to be renting cars directly from others, but we all had similar thoughts about Airbnb when it launched. The sharing economy applies to just about everything these days, so it’s only natural that a major service came to car rentals. Plus, as an owner, it’s a lot easier to make money this way than driving for Uber.

Using Turo?

It’s pretty straight forward. You put in your requirements and Toro will show you what’s available.

I did a quick search online for cars in Scottsdale and Orlando through various car rental agencies. I then ran the same search through Turo and confirmed that prices were anywhere from 25% – 50% cheaper even after taxes.

Of course the other advantage is that you can bypass the pickup counter at some airports. While I was searching vehicles in Orlando, Turo had 10 cars available right at the airport while many others could be delivered directly for free.


From 0 to $100,000 a Month Online Without Working Everyday

March 15, 2018

From 0 to $100,000 a Month Online Without Working Everyday


Make money online with tutorial & "how to" videos courses.


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How To Increase Your Spotify Plays To Make Money From Royalties

March 14, 2018

The music business has changed a great deal in most recent couple of years. We went from purchasing vinyl and tapes to listening CD's, minidiscs and along came the MP3 player. These days we are at the purpose of what I was longing for as a sixteen year old child. Boundless spilling, at whatever point you need, wherever you need. Would life be able to show signs of improvement?

These progressions put up along issues about how we requirement for sale to the public our music. There are no record shops any longer so no compelling reason to visit them with your pack brimming with self consumed duplicates. These days it's about playlists however it's difficult to physically visit a playlist right? Playlists are an awesome method for contacting a greater gathering of people with your music so getting highlighted is extraordinary compared to other approaches to advertise your music in the present music industry.

So how does this functions? How would you get your music in the playlist where you need to be included in? How does this functions?

We should begin off with some essential information. There are three various types of playlists on Spotify:

Curated playlists (made by individuals who work for Spotify)

Client curated playlists (made by Spotify clients)

Playlists produced by calculations (made by robots)

Since you realize what sort of playlists there are and what the story behind them is, we should discuss how you can get highlighted in one.


The greater part of the Spotify playlist keepers are following the online sites that we as a whole take after. Here's a couple of names to kick you off: Music Submitter, Proximity, Nik Cooper, Indie Shuffle, Trap City, Fame Genie and so forth. At the point when your track gets highlighted on one of these huge stages it's more than likely that your track will get higher up in the diagrams on destinations, for example, Hype Machine, which will prompt your track getting some consideration from individuals like the caretakers and heaps of other individuals who may be persuasive.

One of the approaches to get yourself highlighted on one of these web journals is by enlisting a PR specialist. This will cost you some cash yet in the event that you get a decent one, who has a major system, a major reputation and knows a great deal of essential individuals, it will presumably pay itself back with a considerable measure of highlights on online journals. (There's no assurance however)

A great method for getting your music in playlists is by utilizing Music Submitter. This site is extremely helpful on the grounds that you can send your music specifically to radio stations and playlist curators for lots of streams. The vast majority of the huge web journals are associated with Music Submitter so this is the manner by which you have a superior opportunity to get heard. This will cost you a little measure of cash since you pay per blog that you choose to send it to. The web journals need to give you their input in kind and in the event that they like it, they will post is (which will prompt a higher positioning on Hype Machine and getting more imperative individuals their consideration).


There are organizations out there whose sole employment is to contribute your music for consideration playlists. Obviously this looks a great deal like a PR operator yet the huge contrast here is that a playlist plugger is in coordinate contact with playlist proprietors (curated or client curated) and not with online journals.

Lamentably they have an indistinguishable issue from PR operators have: you never get any certifications. You will never realize what occurs with your cash and in the event that it gets spent ideal by the operator or plugger. That is the reason it's so vital to do inquire about observe their past. Which specialists have they worked for? Which tracks did they deal with previously? On the off chance that they've worked for craftsmen that you have never gotten notification from, it's dependent upon you to fill in the spaces here…


This one all comes down to putting in the work and is the best alternative on the off chance that you have a low spending plan.

We face a daily reality such that all that we require and everybody we have to know is readily available. Wanna know why? We have the web and a cell phone. There's an exceptional site where you can discover nearly all that you need to know and i'm going to offer it to you, prepared? Here it is:

This is the means by which it works:

Scan for potential playlists on Spotify that are had practical experience in your music sort. Don't search for the greatest ones out there yet additionally scan for the medium estimated playlists that have 1000 – 10.000 devotees

Tap on the profiles that are associated with the playlist and check whether you can discover a name. In the event that you discover a name, google it and discover his or hers Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page so you can send him an immediate message. On the off chance that you don't discover a name, look at on google in the event that you can discover more about the organization or record that is associated with the playlist. Awaken your internal Inspector Gadget!

On the off chance that you found the individual who possesses the playlist: send an immediate message without endeavoring to pitch your music to him. Simply demonstrate to him your regard by disclosing to him that you respect his playlist and how much devotees he have picked up over the most recent couple of months. In the wake of having a casual discussion it's an ideal opportunity to tell him you're a maker yourself and send him some music. "would be incredible on the off chance that you could include this in your playlist and let me know whether there's something I can improve the situation you!".

Furthermore, now everything comes down to what we dutchies get a kick out of the chance to call: "Now we pause". Ideally he will believe you're a pleasant person and he feels like you should be in his playlist. There dependably is a probability this doesn't occur, all things considered: on to the following one! Always remember this is a people business.


Presently this is all being stated, it's extremely simple to believe that it isn't so much that difficult to get your music in Spotify playlists. Always remember that everything begins with great music! On the off chance that your music sucks the odds of being in a Spotify playlist will be path lower than if you have a marvelous track. This is the place the insights kick in. Spotify has planned a calculation that recognizes how frequently and long melodies are being tuned in to, get spared and get shared by individuals. With this measurements they've made playlists, for example, Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

On the off chance that your track is being highlighted in a few people's Discover Weekly playlist and the calculation sees that many individuals are sparing it into their private playlist or that many individuals are replaying it that day/week, it will imply that you've made a decent melody. The calculation will choose to share your track to more individuals since it tried well in the past round. With the goal that's another method for getting heard on Spotify. Make great music!

The market will choose if your track merits being shared or tuned in to and that is the most legit criticism you can get as I would like to think.


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How To Beat Cancer & Overcome Adversity To Always Be Successful

March 13, 2018

Can a Positive Attitude Help Defeat Cancer?


A positive attitude is important to overall health, but a new study suggests a bright outlook could play a major role in how someone handles cancer treatments.

Researchers from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center say that patients who had psychosocial issues such as anxiety, depression, low optimism, or lack of social support before a hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) had a higher risk for hospital readmission and stayed longer when they were readmitted compared to those in better overall mental health. 

The transplants are most commonly used in patients with blood cancers. Readmission after the procedure has been linked to poor quality of life and survival prospects.

The researchers say that mental health screenings should be performed before the procedure. It could provide at-risk patients with assistance prior to and after the procedure as a way to prevent readmissions.


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How To Motivate Yourself To “Chase A Bag” Daily so you NEVER go broke

February 15, 2018

Brose Royce delivers new single titled "Chase A Bag"


Add/save my song "Chase A Bag" to your Spotify or Apple playlist for a chance to win a FREE pair of Beats by Dre & Gucci sunglasses.




5 Ways To Get Money For Your Business

February 13, 2018

Starting a business can be a daunting task for a lot of people. Venturing out into the unknown can bring about anxiety and self doubt when diving in.


A lot is riding on having your business succeed. When you think about all that you will be investing into it – foregone time with friends and family, all the money, and the stress that is associated with it all.


I am not trying to scare you away from starting your own enterprise. The opportunity costs are great, but it feels good to be your own boss and bring something of use to the society.

There are a lot of things to consider before attempting to go out and start your own business.


Business plans are incredibly important, and lets not forget about securing the necessary capital that is needed to finance your new idea.


Well I hope you have already come up with a business idea. If not, check out this guide, might give you some viable ideas that suit you.


Now let’s discuss the possible options available for you to gather the required finances to fund your start-up.


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How To Build A Massive Email List Of People Who Will Buy Your Product

February 12, 2018

5 Tips to Be Successful with B2B Email Marketing


Why do so many industrial and B2B companies fail with email marketing? In my opinion, it’s because they do not understand the proper role of email in the B2B marketing mix.

All too often, companies make the mistake of treating email as a prospecting tool — sending unsolicited emails to people they don’t know, about products that are of no interest to them. In other words, they are spammers. Another shortcoming occurs when companies use broadcast email only as a sales tool — blasting offers and promotions to customers, often in a non-targeted way. While this may produce a few sales hits here and there, it’s not the best way to build relationships with customers.
To be truly successful with email marketing, think of email as a nurturing tool — a tool for growing and strengthening existing relationships with customers and prospects who have reached out to you. One of the best ways to nurture relationships with email is by producing an educational email newsletter. Email marketing with a monthly e-newsletter offers you an opportunity to build an ongoing, interactive dialogue with your B2B customers and prospects in a measurable, cost-effective way. Not only can an e-newsletter demonstrate value to your customers, but also it can change your customers’ perception of your business.

By sending timely articles that solve current business problems, you show your customers that you understand them and their needs. This repeatedly reinforces their importance to you and builds their trust in your company.
To ensure your email newsletter is a successful business-building tool, I recommend you leverage the following five best practices.


The key to effective email marketing lies in a notion known as “permission marketing.” Your email newsletter should build goodwill with your customers, not annoy them. Therefore, you should obtain permission from your customers and prospects before adding them to your email marketing mailing list. Make sure you have an obvious email signup form on your every page of your Website.

Also, any time you speak with a customer or prospect, let them know about the value they will get from your email newsletter and ask permission to add them to your list.


Your email newsletter is not for you – it’s for your customers. You need to focus less on your company and more on the issues and ideas your customers are interested in. I like articles that focus on “how to” tips, best practices and actionable strategies. To help get you started, the following are examples of customer-focused email newsletter content:

  • Problems and solutions — Identify common problems your customers face and provide ideas on how to solve them.
  • Lists and tips — Provide actionable lists and tips with titles that begin like “Seven Steps to…” or “The Top Five Ways to…”
  • Technological developments — Inform your customers on how they can take advantage of recent technological developments to be more effective.
  • Industry news and trends — Write about new developments in your industry that your customers can take advantage of.
  • Case studies — Write case studies of how others have improved their operations. Make sure to include actionable details your customers can put to work to produce results.

Make sure your articles are short and scannable. The best email newsletter articles are between 500 and 750 words of text. Also, people often scan information online before they read it in detail, so make your articles easy to scan by breaking up the text into manageable chunks and use bullet points and bolded headers to highlight important content.


Even though the focus of your email newsletter is to educate customers and prospects, this is a great opportunity to present them with relevant offers to generate leads and sales or encourage Website visits.

  • Remember the e-newsletter 80-20 rule. I like to see email newsletters be 80% educational and 20% promotional. The majority of the email newsletter should be useful educational information, while the sidebar is presenting your readers with an attractive offer that is relevant to the article content.
  • Make sure your offer is relevant. I know we mentioned relevancy in the previous bullet point, but it is important to repeat this idea again. Your offer must be relevant on a number of levels to be effective. It should be relevant to the reader’s interests, as well as relevant to the focus of your article content.


Don’t use your personal email account for email broadcasts. An email marketing campaign management system will help you automate the entire process of building your lists, designing and delivering your messages and measuring the success of your campaigns.

Lower-end systems, like Constant Contact, provide great base-level capabilities at an affordable price. Higher-end systems, like Mailchimp, provide more advanced capabilities like dynamic content, automated trigger emails, advanced reporting, etc.

Or, if you want to outsource the entire process, a capable online marketing agency can manage this process for you, providing a turn-key solution for your entire B2B email marketing campaign.


As with all marketing activities, you must measure success to see how well you performed in the past, as well as identify actionable strategies to improve your results in the future. When using an email marketing campaign management system, you will have access to great reports that will allow you to track the key metrics to measure the success of your email marketing campaign.

In addition, a great way to find out if your e-newsletter is a success is to regularly ask your customers for feedback. By asking for feedback, you will be able to know what’s working and what’s not working so you can fine-tune and improve your content.


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Vasyl makes $1.2 Million Dollars in 1 Night: Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux Post Fight Talk w/ Jeff Brooks

December 10, 2017

Vasiliy "Hi-Tech" Lomachenko and Guillermo "El Chacal" Rigondeaux square off on Saturday, Dec. 9, and Sporting News will have results below.

Who is going to beat Vasiliy Lomachenko?

That's the question that the boxing world is asking following another dominating win, this time over Guillermo Rigondeaux on Saturday night.

A suspect injury to Rigo's left hand — or right hand, depending on conspiracy theories — forced him to quit on his stool following the sixth round of the bout.


Guest @TheJeffBrooks


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Win Big Money Placing Bets: Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux Fight Night

December 9, 2017

Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux is an upcoming professional boxing match to be contested for the WBOsuper featherweight championship. The bout will be held on December 9, 2017 at The Theater at Madison Square Gardenin New York City. Lomachenko and Rigondeaux are regarded as two of the best amateurs in history, with each boxer winning two Olympic gold medals.


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How To Create A New Habit That Sticks To Become More Productive

November 3, 2017

Step 1. Make Your Habit Tiny

These are the smallest behaviors that matter. A tiny habit has to be:

  1. A behavior you do at least once a day.
  2. Takes you less than 30 seconds to do.
  3. Requires little effort.
  4. Is relevant to the full behavior.

If you don’t make your behavior tiny, to begin with, you will almost certainly fail to create a new daily habit.

For example, if you start out running one hour each day, you won’t create a habit of exercise.

But if you commit to putting on your running shoes, you are, as Leo Babauta would comment, “making it so easy, you can’t say no”. [4]

Later – perhaps months later – you can expand on your habit. But when you do, the larger behaviour will be easier. Why? Because the more you do something, the easier it becomes.

Consider all of your existing habits. They are all easy to do because you’ve practiced them for thousands of hours. Soon, your new habit will be no different.

Step 2. Do Your Tiny Habit Immediately after an Existing Behaviour

The next step is to identify an existing habit. This is going to be the cue that triggers your new behavior.

Ask yourself: “What behavior do I always do, regardless of how I feel?”

This can include waking up, showering, going to the bathroom and brushing your teeth, to name a few.

You need to know what your tiny behavior comes “after”. For example: “After I brush my teeth, I’m going to floss one tooth”.

Step 3. Celebrate Small Wins

The final step is to celebrate doing your new habit. You may find this approach weird, but it works, because the ability to self-reinforce good behavibehaviore key to rapid habit formation.

You can speed up the process of habit formation by experiencing positive emotions about your tiny habit the moment you remember to do your tiny habit sequence and after you do it.

When I build a new habit, I physically rehearse the sequence a few times, each time declaring victory. This gets your brain wired to remember it.

For example, my newest tiny habit is doing two press-ups after I’ve meditated. I sit down to meditate (cue), then I get in the position to do a push-up (routine) and finally, I celebrate my tiny success by patting myself on the back (reward). I repeat this sequence a few times until I’ve got it down pat.

There are multiple ways you can celebrate tiny successes. You can do a physical movement like a thumbs up. Say a word or phrase like “Awesome!” internally or out loud. Or move your face to look happy like smiling in the mirror. Whatever you do, make it personal to you.


Every day, just do your tiny behaviour immediately after the existing behaviour you’ve chosen and remember to celebrate. Here, your brain and body is learning a sequence. “After I X, I do Y and I feel Z”. For example, “After I meditate, I do two push-ups and I feel awesome!”

Note, that in this step, you are learning to put a new behaviour into your routine. You are not learning the behaviour itself.

Let me explain. Suppose you want to floss daily. You already know how to do it. But what you don’t know is how to do it regularly. You haven’t mastered putting flossing into your routine as an automatic action – yet. But tiny habits will help you do that.

The more you train this new routine, the more the new behaviour will automatise and become the new normal.

Learn how to implement tiny habits in your daily routine and soon, others will marvel at the apparent ease you became a master yourself—a master of habit.


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